UI/UX for Product Managers


Do you know why UX designers are your best friend?
Or you are still thinking that they are annoying geeks, ha?

We know that Product manager and UX designer collaboration could be tough.
But there is a way to simplify it!

Our 3rd Product Management Community Moldova meetup will discover this topic.

We have invited brilliant speakers that are going to share their professional and personal experience.

Stefan Babalau, Product & Brand Designer at Pixieset

Topic: The Key Role of UX Designer into the Product Development Process

The presentation will be in Romanian.

Stefan will discover a topic about the product design process and how product managers can help on this.

  • What is the process of design creation?
  • How can a product manager be involved in this process?
  • Where does the UX designer fit into the overall product development process?

Tight communication and friendly interaction between product designer and product manager can help in creating amazing products that people love.

Ramona Ziemann, Creative Lead Designer at Endava

Topic: Best practices for Product Managers – how to write effectively design requirements?

The presentation will be in English.

“I need 3 webpages – when is the design ready?”

This is not a good design requirement and in general not a design requirement at all.

Unfortunately, Designers are still confronted with this type of question coming from Product Managers. 

If you want to achieve a desirable result at the finish line – comprehensible and detailed requirements are one of the critical keys to let Designers start to build the right thing and build the thing right.

Ramona Ziemann, former Lead Product Designer at Crunchyroll and currently Creative Lead Designer at Endava, will help you to understand what Designers need to know from a Product Manager in order to deliver expected things on time.

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